Wholesale textile company Prato Italy - STOCK FABRICS PRATO iTALY EUROPE

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Wholesale textile company Prato Italy

Glamour Florence
stock tessuti Prato Italia
knit warehouse production Italy
men fabrics fashion fabrics Italy Milan New york
tessuti stock in rete  Prato Italy showroom fashion design

 glamourflorencedal 1959

export fabrics services

       We offer all kind of services that you need for export fabrics, all over the world..
       Delivery time for Europe: 3 days. Price: 1,50 € / kg. to 3 € / kg.
       Delivery time for Asia: 3 weeks  3 € / kg to 6 € / kg
       Free packeging
       Free export documents
       Free pallets
       Free cardboard tubes
       free composition selection
      For appointment, please contact us at this phone number: +39 329 2070980. Thank you.

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